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great product easy to use, have install most of the items they sell and have never had any problems with any of it

B-Quiet HLiner Heat and Sound Insulation 13.5SQ.FT

Whisper Quiet

I don’t write reviews. I expect quality & sometimes it’s what I expected. This is a bit beyond my expectations.
Ford F250 6.4L diesel 390k miles. Pre- Bquiet idle was 62db; 70 was 72db and 80 was 79db. I travel a lot & often take calls on the road. I have hearing damage from years of motorcycling & needed to quiet my cab so I can hear conversations & so it doesn’t sound like a echo chamber.
Without help I installed Vcomp over the drive train; regular over the rest of the floor up the firewall & back wall. Also installed Bquiet regular in all 4 doors.
Idle 48db; 70 is 64db; 80 is 66.7db
Regular 1 on 1 conversation is 65db.
Goodyear Wrangler Kevlar brand new.

Love it! Now,I need more.

Did the floor of my 59 plymouth. So far so good. Gonna do my 59 dodge, 37 plymouth and my 73 mustang next. Is there a bulk rate? Lol. Thank you

B-Quiet Application Roller

Great product and great service

The B-Quiet material was even better than I expected of it. Easy to install and I’m sure it will prove effective when my project is finished and I can test it.

Best value and great company!

B-Quiet Ultimate once installed is the best option for sound deadening your vehicle!
Easy to install!
No strange smells.
Works like a champion!
Better price and value vs dynamat.
Hands down I would buy again.

Does the job

Bought this to sound deaden my van, works just fine, plenty sticky. Only issue is being in a roll created some small void areas, but I don’t see that as a problem for sound deadening. Would buy again.

Have not driven the truck to hear the difference

B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener 50 SqFt. roll

Incredible sound deadening results

I have a Chevy Express van I am building into an awesome camper. It’s large empty space and needed a lot of sound deadening and insulation. Frazer was incredible at listening and trying to help. The sound deadening material is a game changer. It goes on reasonably easy and makes a world of difference. Don’t skip this step! Then I used Hliner in all the tough areas like the roof of the van, doors, wheel wells, etc. This made a tough job much easier. The quality of all products was excellent. If you are converting a van or other sound deadening/installation needs look no further. The B-Quiet system is super nice and the customer service feels very personal and caring. Thank you.

Works well

I've bought B-Quiet products off and on for years, mainly due to the price and consistency of the product. It does what I need it to do and doesn't break the bank in the process. This time around I am deadening pods for my Jeep JL and I needed something VERY flexible to add mass to the pods. B-Quiet ultimate did the job.

RAV4 upgrade

We only used one roll to coat the floorboards and it seems to have helped lessen the road noise. Maybe we'll use another roll for the doors and headliner at a later date

B-Quiet Extreme Sound Deadener 12SQFT. Roll

Huge improvement over Noico

Having tested Noico, B-Quiet and Dynamat in the same spots on the car, I plan on peeling off all the Noico for B-Quiet. Dynamat still has the edge, if you can afford it. Noico is no longer in my mind the budget option. It seems like I get the same effect with a 1/10th of B-Quiet than Noico, so do the math on that! With that said, if I had the budget for it I would buy Dynamat. B-Quiet should be the standard for anyone budget conscious, but what you can, you’ll get impressive results.
I don’t want to totally rag on Noico, it cuts easy, it sticks on everything.

great thank you

Great product

Great product and fantastic customer service, I can’t say enough good things about this company. They communicated quickly and responded positively each time we communicated

Great product

Installed in 1974 Chevy truck haven’t drove truck yet but it installed very good and I believe it will be much quieter now, before installing this at highway speed it was about 87 decibel inside

Great product

This stuff is great and the customer service is amazing. You don’t need a “name” on it to make it great!

Ez and fast

Ez to use. Sticks and bends to contour. Thin so fitment not an issue.

B-Quiet Sound Deadener

Have not used any yet but previous roll, years ago, was very effective and
helped sound noise really well.

Installment went well, easy to install. Haven’t driven the vehicle to know how well it works yet.

Great experience

Very well looked after Thank you!!!!!

Sound and heat insulation

This order is for a current project, 86 Blazer. Body is still on the rotisserie and it will be several more weeks before I use this product. However I have used B-quiet and other similar products on several cars. B-quiet is as good or better than other brands and considerably less expensive.

Very good product works well