B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener 50 SqFt. roll - B-Quiet
B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener 50 SqFt. roll - B-Quiet
B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener 50 SqFt. roll - B-Quiet
B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener 50 SqFt. roll - B-Quiet
B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener 50 SqFt. roll - B-Quiet
B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener 50 SqFt. roll - B-Quiet
B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener 50 SqFt. roll - B-Quiet
B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener 50 SqFt. roll - B-Quiet
B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener 50 SqFt. roll - B-Quiet
B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener 50 SqFt. roll - B-Quiet
B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener 50 SqFt. roll - B-Quiet
B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener 50 SqFt. roll

B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener 50 SqFt. roll

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B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener 50 SqFt. roll

Make Your Vehicle B-Quiet!


  • Superior Absorption
  • High Stretch and Contouring Ability
  • Anti-Leak Application
  • Water-Resistant Material
  • Temperature Control Properties
  • Improves the Quality of Any Audio System
  • High Vehicle Noise Dampening
  • Easy to Install
  • High-temperature butyl rubber adhesive –No fillers
  • Ultra-thick, annealed silver foil without advertising
  • 1.5mm (65 mils) total thickness 
  • Each roll is 50 feet long and 1 foot wide
  • Thermal range: -75 F to 293 F – will not melt, off gas, or fall off
  • Guaranteed adhesion to metal for the LIFE of your vehicle
  • Made in the USA
  • Don't settle for second best, B-Quiet Ultimate is the best choice.

Enhance the tranquility and acoustics of your vehicle with B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener, the premium sound deadening material for cars and trucks! Coming in 50ft rolls, this 100% butyl rubber sound-deadening roll is meticulously designed to disrupt unwanted, stress-inducing sound waves and vibrations, allowing you to immerse yourself in a superior driving experience with every journey.

This sound dampener is expertly engineered to seamlessly stretch and contour to any space, making it a versatile solution for all vehicles. B-Quiet Ultimate operates by absorbing both structural and mechanical vibrations emanating from engines, audio systems, and miscellaneous rattling, effectively reducing disturbances in your vehicle.

It is characterized by a thin, ultra-adhesive butyl rubber that is bonded to an aluminum alloy skin. This composition not only facilitates a user-friendly and swift installation process but also makes it easy to cut to precision. The stretchable and highly tear-resistant butyl rubber, coupled with the robust aluminum, conforms effortlessly to all interior surfaces, ensuring no leakages or emission of unpleasant odors over time.

The main objective of B-Quiet sound-deadening material for cars and trucks is to promptly deaden any vibrations, rattles, or sounds that cause noise, preventing fatigue and rendering a serene atmosphere for your car rides and road trips! It is an invaluable asset for those seeking peace and quiet during their commutes.

B-Quiet Ultimate has a thickness of 1.6mm (63mil) and weighs 0.35 lb/sq. ft., and it is conveniently available in 1-foot wide rolls and in 2 sizes—12 and 50 sq. ft. rolls.

Being highly effective and reasonably priced, B-Quiet Ultimate has emerged as the preferred choice for many competitors and is recognized as a leader in sound-deadening solutions. Experience the unprecedented quiet and improved acoustics in your vehicle by installing B-Quiet Ultimate, the quintessential sound-deadening material for cars and trucks!

 This video from Dylan McCool shows how our B-Quiet Ultimate is installed.   

Check out our installation instructions here: How to install B-Quiet Sound Deadening Products

Still have questions, check out our FAQ Section here: FAQ

Acoustic Loss Factor

B-Quiet® Ultimate

ASTM E756 @ 200 Hz:
0c (32F)
10c (50F)
20c (68F)
30c (68F)
30c (104F)


Temperature Range

-60C to +145C
-76F to +239F


1.53mm (60mil)

Weight (per sq. ft.)

0.35 lb

Vehicles & Parts 

Customer Reviews

Based on 244 reviews
Tom Guenther
V comp mass loaded vinyl vanagon

Covered the front wheel wells and arches in a vanagon. Used some ultimate and complete coverage with mass loaded vinyl, Huge drop in road noise.

Donald Dean
Very good product


Great product

I did up the cab of my 89 Toyota and it went from a tin can to a modern sounding vehicle. Will buy again for future projects.

Mark Irving
Van engine cover

I have a 1996 Ford E-350 with the 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel that is LOUD. The engine noise cuts right through the engine cover (doghouse) and right into the cab. It’s so bad that when I’m accelerating to get on the highway or even just cruising highway speed that it’s difficult to think, let alone carry on a conversation. It’s bad enough that if I’m alone in the cab I usually put in ear plugs.

As a first step of deadening the sound I reached out to the B-Quiet team with a few questions and they gave me some good pointers. From there I purchased the B-Quiet Ultimate and the HLiner. I removed the original cheap insulation and installed 2 layers of the Ultimate (probably only needed 1, but it I don’t regret adding a second) and then the HLiner. The before and after comparison is drastic and I can finally drive around with the family.

To say that I’m happy is an understatement. I will absolutely be buying more from B-Quiet when I sound deaden my floors, doors, and wheel wells.

Matt W
helpful not awesome

I used the side x side sound deadening package on my KRX 1000. The package dead help considerably. The engine sound went from ear piercing to communicating with passenger with a raised voice .
A better installation instruction would have been helpful with installation tips. I had to come up with my own attachment method for the vinyl backed sound deadening materials. The method worked very well. When asked the company for tip on installing the vinyl backed material they did not respond.
The vinyl backed material is brittle and tears easily. They sent barely enough sound deadening product for engine side of firewall. Would have been nice to have additional sound deadening material for use under the seats on the engine side of firewall. Reality is additional sound deadening would not be much more effective as the sound is coming around the firewall through rear windshield and in through side window areas.
The sound deadening material used on engine side of firewall is not adhering as well as I had hoped even after cleaning with acetone.
Overall I am satisfied with the products and sound deadening function of the system.
I would not consider this a kit specific to a machine. I would consider it a couple of products grouped and sold together.

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