B-Quiet Extreme Sound Deadener 12SQFT. Roll


B-Quiet Extreme Sound Deadener 12 Sq Ft. Roll

Experience the Joy of a Noise-Free Drive!


  • Thick Thermo-Acoustic Butyl Asphalt Rubber with Aluminum Skin
  • Advanced Adhesive Butyl Rubber to Stick to Any Surface
  • Highly Effective Sound Dampening
  • Durable and Reliable
  • Easy to Install
  • Can Be Applied to The Floors, Doors, Roofs, and Trunks, But Not Under the Hood

 With the B-Quiet Extreme Sound Deadener, noise stands no chance in your vehicle! Water-proof, temperature-regulating, and most importantly, noise-deadening, all 12sq.ft of this extreme sound deadener is you need for your vehicle.

With super sticky butyl asphalt rubber attached to the aluminum skin, install this sound deadener easily on any interior surface of your vehicle without any special prep, odor, or dripping. Unlike other products, this butyl rubber is extremely pliable and can stretch a great deal, allowing it to fit all curves, contours, and edges on every surface. This means installing is a breeze.

Loud car noise will eventually lead to fatigue, making driving draining instead of convenient and enjoyable. With this B-Quiet Extreme sound deadener, irritating car noises that affect the radio, music, and the flow of conversation is no longer a problem. Enjoy every ride!

 This video from Dylan McCool shows how our B-Quiet Extreme and Ultimate are installed.   

B-Quiet® Extreme weighs 0.28lb/sq. ft., comes in 1 foot wide rolls and is available in two sizes: 12 and 50 sq. ft. rolls

Check out our installation instructions here: How to install B-Quiet Sound Deadening Products

Still have questions, check out our FAQ Section here: FAQ

Acoustic Loss Factor ASTM E756 @ 200 Hz:

0.16 @ +0C (+32F)
0.19 @ +10C (+50F)
0.29 @ +20C (+68F)
0.20 @ +30C (+86F)
0.14 @ +40C (+104F)

Temperature Range:
-55C to +110C (-67F to +230F)

Acoustic Loss Factor B-Quiet® Extreme
ASTM E756 @ 200 Hz:
0c (32F)
10c (50F)
20c (68F)
30c (68F)
30c (104F)

Temperature Range -55C to +110C
-67F to +230F
Thickness 1.14mm (45mil)
Weight (per sq. ft.) 0.28 lb

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Customer Reviews

Based on 163 reviews
Mike Cramer
owner of project car

have used this product b4 with excellent results….havent received this order yet

Darcy Shearer

Great product quick delivery

Glen Brown
Glen brown

Quick delivery havmt installed yet

Mark Edinger
Good Stuff

Took out the turbo noise of my side by side by putting it on my firewall

Laurie Vincent
Works Beyond Expectations

I have a 2005 Chevy Astro passenger van that I completely gutted to turn into a camper van. The van's interior was always noisy, but became that much noisier once all of the interior panels were removed. I have only finished installing the B-Quiet Sound Deadener on the ceiling of the van, and the difference is actually unbelievable. I expect that it will be virtually quiet inside my van once I have the rest of it sound-deadened. B-Quiet Sound Deadener is one of the few products I've ever purchased that truly does what it promises to do!

B-Quiet Extreme Sound Deadener 12SQFT. Roll
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