B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener 50 SqFt. roll

$149.99 $129.99

B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener 50 SqFt. roll

Make Your Vehicle B-Quiet!


  • Superior Absorption
  • High Stretch and Contouring Ability
  • Anti-Leak Application
  • Water-Resistant Material
  • Temperature Control Properties
  • Improves Quality of Any Audio System
  • High Vehicle Noise Dampening
  • Easy to Install
  • High-temperature butyl rubber adhesive –No fillers
  • Ultra-thick, annealed silver foil without advertising
  • 1mm total thickness (65 mils)
  • Each roll is 50 feet long and 1 foot wide
  • Thermal range: -75 F to 293 F – will not melt, ouf gas, or fall off
  • Guaranteed adhesion to metal for the LIFE of your vehicle
  • Made in the USA
  • Don't settle for second best, B-Quiet Ultimate is the best choice.

B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener 50ft, 100% butyl rubber sound-deadening roll helps breakups unwanted stress-causing sound waves and vibrations to improve the acoustics of your vehicle. Install B-Quiet Ultimate it in your vehicle and feel the driving experience on every drive!

Expertly engineered to stretch and contour into any space, Our B-Quiet Ultimate noise and sound dampener works by absorbing both structural and mechanical vibrations from engines, audio systems, and general rattling that causes a disturbance in your vehicle.  It features a thin, super sticky butyl rubber bonded to an aluminum alloy skin, which is easy to cut which creates a user-friendly quick install. Stretchy with incredible tear-resistant properties, the butyl rubber, and heavy aluminum conforms easily to all interior surfaces, without leaking or giving off a bad odor over time.

B-Quiet sound deadener is designed to deaden any noise-causing vibration, rattle or sound abruptly, preventing fatigue and giving you that quiet atmosphere you deserve for your car rides and road trips!

B-Quiet Ultimate is 1.6mm (63mil) thick, weighs 0.35 lb/sq. ft. comes in 1 foot wide rolls and is available in 2 sizes - 12 and 50 sq. ft. rolls

Highly effective at a very reasonable price makes B-Quiet Ultimate the choice of many competitors

 This video from Dylan McCool shows how our B-Quiet Ultimate is installed.   

Check out our installation instructions here: How to install B-Quiet Sound Deadening Products

Still have questions, check out our FAQ Section here: FAQ


Acoustic Loss Factor ASTM E756 @ 200 Hz:

0.23 @ +0C (+32F)
0.26 @ +10C (+50F)
0.39 @ +20C (+68F)
0.32 @ +30C (+86F)
0.24 @ +40C (+104F)

Temperature Range:
-60C to +145C (-76F to +293F)

Acoustic Loss Factor B-Quiet® Ultimate
ASTM E756 @ 200 Hz:
0c (32F)
10c (50F)
20c (68F)
30c (68F)
30c (104F)

Temperature Range
-60C to +145C
-76F to +239F
1.6mm (63mil)
Weight (per sq. ft.)
0.35 lb
Price (per sq. ft.)
(Price based on 150+ sq. ft.)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 157 reviews
Glen Van Camp
All good

Great product and service

Michael Sparks

Great product, I keep coming back for more!

Dennis Robinson
Excellent Product & Service

We have ordered from your company several times and have
had an excellent experience each time. Service was awesome and we
love this product.

Harvey Kelly
My thoughts on B-Quiet

have used your product before so I know what to expect it is second to none. The product I used before had a different backing because i would have to stop and clean off my scissors this one doesn't gum up my scissors. I am actually not using it on another car, i am using it to sound proof my air conditioning unit on my RV and to help separate the intake and return air as the manufacturer does not do a very good job

Anthony Murzi
Best Customer Service

I reached out to B Quiet for a shipping issue with FedEx. I received a call within an hour, and problem was quickly resolved. Very polite and professional. I was grateful such customer service still exists in today’s world. And a made in USA product. 100% happy.

B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener 50 SqFt. roll
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