What is the difference between B-Quiet Automotive Sound Deadener and Noico Solutions?

What is the difference between B-Quiet Automotive Sound Deadener and Noico Solutions?

What is the difference between B-Quiet Automotive Sound Deadener and Noico Solutions Sound Deadening? 

B-Quiet Ultimate Automotive Sound Deadener is made of pure butyl rubber with a bonded aluminum outer skin on the top side and a sticky backing on other side. When the paper backing is removed the supercharged adhesive surface forms an incredible bond to metal surfaces and ensures optimum sound deadening performance and insulation.  

Manufactured in the United States in Denver Colorado. B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener is 1.6mm (60mil) thick and weighs 0.35 lb./sq. ft. B-Quiet Ultimate Automotive Sound Deadener can stretch and contour to any space or angle in your vehicle; and is available in 1-foot wide rolls in two sizes: 12 sq ft. and 50 sq ft. You can easily install B-Quiet Ultimate Automotive Sound Deadener yourself.  

A 50 sq ft. roll of B-Quiet Ultimate Automotive Sound Deadener will cost $159.99 and can be applied to the floors, doors, roof, trunk, and under hood of your project. 

Noico Solutions Sound Deadening consists of 80 mil automotive butyl material and foil sound deadening “improvers”. While Noico has not officially stated its product includes asphalt, some costumers have noted that Noico has a rubbery smell. This may be a result of having an asphalt undercoat. As we all know, asphalt is known as being less heat resistant and often releases an odor at high temperatures.  

Noico claims to be manufactured in the United States, but is actually made in Russia and repackaged in the United States. Hardly supporting the local economy.

Noico Sound Deadening has a nominal thickness of 80 mil (2mm) and provides total coverage of 36 sq. ft. The automotive sound self-adhesive insultation has a total weight of 0.7 lb. /sq ft. Noico sound deadening comes in a stack of 9 sheets (sheets are folded). Each sheet is 29.5x19.5 inches in size. While Noico’s sound deadening sheets are thicker, the thickness makes it much more difficult to install. Cutting through thick rubber and the sticky residue left behind usually deters customers from this product.  

A stack (9 sheets) of Noico at 36 sq ft will cost $65.99. Given all that we have learnt about Noico Solutions, this cheap product may be more useful in other applications around the house, although Noico does promote this product as a sound deadening material specifically for vehicles. 

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