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How To Make Your Side By Side Quieter?

21 Jan 2022

How To Make Your Side By Side Quieter?

 Love your Side By Side, but hate how loud, it is?

Side by Side’s, SxS are amazing, they get you into nature, weather your hunting, heading to the dunes, cruising the farm or simply going for a rip up your favorite trail.   The number one complaint of many of the side by side’s on the market, such as the Polaris RZR, or Can Am Commander, Defender, Maverick, Yamaha YXR, and Kawasaki KRX is that they are loud and over time lead to fatigue from the engine and transmission noise.

The manufactures of the many Side by Side’s do not add sound deadening as such, the driver and passengers often complain of headaches or fatigue at the end of their rides.

B-Quiet Sound Deadening Side By Side

There has been many different solutions offered on the market, from engine dampers to aftermarket engine mounts, but none really fix the issue in the way that specifically designed sound deadening does. 

B-Quiet Sound Deadening offers several solutions that will help regulate the sound on your side by side in 3 distinct ways.


Cabin Noise:  Although a side by side has a cabin that is exposed and does not have windows, there are several areas that can be sound deadened.   The first area is behind the seat, on the firewall between the engine and the transmission.   By first removing the rear seat, or folding it forward depending on the model you have, you can ad B-Quiet Ultimate to the back wall.  B-Quiet Ultimate Sound deadening will help to absorb the vibrations that make their way through the chassis and create resonance sound waves, like a drummer and a symbol.   This is step one.   

 Can-Am Sound Deadening

Step two to make your side by side quieter is to add a sheet of B-Quiet VComp on top of the B-Quiet Ultimate.  VComp acts as a sound absorber by absorbing sound waves created by the engine and transmission.  By placing the foam towards the noise, side by side owners have had great success in attaching the VComp either by gluing it with spray adhesive, or by using self tapping screws or bolts and bolting it down.  

The difference in doing these two steps is remarkable, and side by side owners have said it’s been the difference between wearing ear plugs under your helmet and not wearing ear plugs.


The last item that B-Quiet Sound Deadening recommends is adding B-Quiet

 Hliner, to the space between the firewall and the engine.  Hliner, which is heat rated up to 350F can withstand high heat applications and absorbs the sound waves from the engine and cvt transmission.   The total reduction in sound is dramatic and turns your driving experience around.   

Side By Side Sound Deadening

Try B-Quiet Sound Deadening products on your side by side today and enjoy your driving experience, you won’t be disappointed.    Get your Sound Deadening Package Here:

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