How To Make Your Side By Side Quieter?

Transform Your Side By Side Ride: Quieter Journeys with B-Quiet Sound Deadening

Adore your Side By Side (SxS) adventures but not the excessive noise? You're not alone. SxS vehicles, including popular models like the Polaris RZR, Can Am Commander, Defender, Maverick, Yamaha YXR, and Kawasaki KRX, are fantastic for immersing yourself in nature, whether it's hunting, cruising through farmlands, or simply enjoying a thrilling ride on your favorite trail. However, a common drawback is the loud engine and transmission noise that often leads to fatigue and headaches. While manufacturers typically don't focus on soundproofing, B-Quiet Sound Deadening offers innovative solutions to enhance your ride's comfort and tranquility.

The Challenge of SxS Noise and the B-Quiet Solution

The heart of the issue with SxS vehicles is their inherently loud engine and transmission, which are not adequately dampened by standard factory features. Although aftermarket options like engine dampers and mounts exist, they fall short in tackling the problem effectively. Here's where B-Quiet Sound Deadening steps in with a three-pronged approach to significantly reduce noise and improve your riding experience.


B-Quiet Sound Deadening Side By Side


1. Cabin Noise Reduction

Despite the open nature of SxS cabins, there are key areas where sound deadening can be highly effective. The primary target is the firewall, which separates the engine and transmission from the cabin. B-Quiet Ultimate, applied to this area, significantly dampens vibrations and reduces resonance, similar to muffling the reverberation of a cymbal. This is the first critical step towards a quieter ride.

2. Enhanced Sound Absorption with VComp

The second strategy involves using B-Quiet VComp, an advanced sound absorber, over the B-Quiet Ultimate layer. Designed to soak up engine and transmission noise, VComp can be attached using spray adhesive or fasteners, effectively diminishing the need for earplugs during rides.


 Can-Am Sound Deadening

3. Engine and CVT Transmission Noise Mitigation with Hliner

The final recommendation is to apply B-Quiet Hliner near the engine and CVT transmission area. Heat-resistant and efficient, Hliner absorbs noise directly from the source, further enhancing the quietness of your journey.

Conclusion: A Revolution in Riding Comfort

The combination of these B-Quiet Sound Deadening products brings a dramatic reduction in noise, transforming your SxS experience from a noisy ordeal to a pleasant, peaceful journey. The difference is not just noticeable; it's game-changing.


Side By Side Sound Deadening

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