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How much weight does sound deadening add to your car?

26 Sep 2022

How much weight does sound deadening add to your car?

A car can be a costly investment, and over the years, it can take up a lot of your time and attention. People always want their vehicle running at its best so they can fully enjoy their drives. Besides performance, we also spend a lot on our cars, making them look better with many little things that make the car more comfortable and better to drive.


It's natural for your car to make loud sounds due to many mechanical parts running simultaneously and your car going at high speeds, but sometimes these sounds can affect your experience when driving. This is where sound deadening comes in, a process that aims to reduce the volume of the car. Sound deadening can add weight to your car, but how much does it exactly add?


How does sound deadening work?

The way sound deadening works is very simple, a sheet of butyl rubber is applied to the metal surfaces of your car. The sheet of rubber increases the overall mass of the base and makes it harder for sound to travel through it. As a lot of the sound you hear is due to the vibration caused to the car while moving, the butyl base makes the car more stable and reduces vibration in the car.


A big part of sound deadening is adding the extra weight of the sheet added to the metal bases of your car.

How is car soundproofing done?

The amount of soundproofing you need in your car completely depends on where the noise is coming from. As a driver, you might not be able to tell what specific sounds are the most prominent ones, so you should always check with the people who will soundproof your car.


Sound deadening uses three different types of soundproofing material, all serving different purposes. Vibration damping, sound insulating and sound absorbing.


When applying the material for soundproofing to your car, there are many different things to consider. After deciding what type of soundproofing you need, you also need to know how much is required. More layers of soundproofing sheets can be used if a car needs more soundproofing. Most of the time, when you go to soundproof your vehicle, you will need to have more than one layer installed.


The efficiency of sound deadening

The effectiveness of soundproofing in your car comes down to how efficient the application of the material is. You want to minimize the material that is used so minimal weight is added to the vehicle. One would think that covering the whole thing is the best way to soundproof their car, but in reality, you don't need to do all of the surfaces; 60-80% is more than enough.


How much weight does sound deadening your car add?

The material used for sound deadening is designed for exactly that and does not add an insane amount of weight. Typically, a proper installation of the material will weigh less than 50kg. That is lower than the average adult's weight, so the weight sound deadening adds is not a lot. Many people fear that the extra weight might make the car consume more petrol, but the effect on that is not very high.


Despite all of that, you should still avoid adding unnecessary weight by having more material than you need in your car.


Where to get my car soundproofed?

Most car mechanics and body shops will know how to do sound deadening of a car and can help you out with it. Car soundproofing requires you to open up a lot of your car and properly install the right materials, and most people who regularly work with cars will know how to do this. If you want to do this yourself, you can find many different online guides and videos on soundproofing your car.


Getting your car checked by a transmission shop

Sometimes the sounds you hear from your car might indicate some problem in the vehicle that needs to be checked. In this scenario, looking for a local transmission shop is your best course of action. For example, if you live in Houston, search Houston transmission service, and you will get all options available.

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