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In a nutshell:
1 - Easy to install
2 - Most effective at noise reduction
3 - More affordable than other brands
4 - Great customer service

Dear B-Quiet Team, This will be my 3rd car I use your product in. I have referred you to other car guys and they all agree that it is unbelievable the improvement. All I can say is, it is the best way to cut down or maybe eliminate road noise and heat and metal vibration. The only mistake I made with the first car was not taking a decibel meter reading before and after installation. People who rode with me could not believe the difference. Thanks,

-John Bowe

Dear B-Quiet Team, Just a quick note and some pictures to thank you for the great service and product. I did a lot of research in looking for sound deadening materials and solutions. I found that your product was equal and even better in quality than that of better known brands. And yours was at a lower cost. Thanks again.

-John Adams

Hi there B-Quiet team! Just wanted to let you know that I installed 50 sq.ft. of your product B-Quiet Extreme over the weekend in my 2000 New Beetle trunk. I am more than happy with results but I need two more 50 sq.ft. rolls of B-Quiet Ultimate to finish the WHOLE car (yes, I am going crazy but only because your product works great and I had a ton of fun installing it


Great products and service. I love the new B-Quiet Ultimate damping material – lighter but just as effective. And such a better deal than Dynamat.

-Peter Pruim

Thanks for the very quick responses to my questions. Great service!!

-Dave Zwart

A complete stranger saw me with DYNAMAT in my hands (recently purchased) and told me to return it! He told me to check out his car and your website. This is my third purchase and I am very pleased with the prices, products, website and above all the service. Thank you and I will encourage this site to any fellow stereo enthusiast.

-Chris Modenese

Received the shipment of B-Quiet Vcomp today. Quickly installed in the cargo area of my new Lexus RX400h and immediately noticed a significant reduction of road noise. The Lexus SUV has very good sound insulation of engine and wind noise but at highway speed the road noise from the back is quite prominent. Now with the Vcomp I can talk to backseat passengers without raising my voice and listen to quiet music even at 85 mph.

Thank you for your great service and the fastest shipping time of any online retailer. I would highly recommend your products and your company to my friends.

-Tony Hui

I recently installed 50 sq. ft. of B-Quiet Ultimate in my 1998 Mustang GT in the cabin area and trunk. It has made a significant reduction in the road noise that was present before. It is some of the best money I have spent on the car to date. I can even hear my radio now.

-Bill Kilponen

Installed your product last weekend in our Ford 2001 Crew Cab Powerstroke Diesel. B-Quiet Ultimate in all four doors and on the floor from firewall to bottom of rear window. Additionally Vcomp from firewall to front seats and on rear cab wall from floor to window. Installation, with one person, took two full days.

However, the result is truly amazing, we are well beyond pleased. At 65 mph we can even hear the turn signal indicator. In our opinion, this is a “must do” modification for any diesel truck owner, especially if used on long trips towing.

-Jay Neighbor

Absolutely the best customer service I have ever had on ebay, or any online store. Thanks again, and I am sure I will be doing business with you in the future.

- David Dyer

My order was received today. I was worried that despite paying th higher shippng costs, my order would not be delivered on time (due to the last minute nature of my purchase). Instead, my order was not only delivered on time but as advertised. Your company made my shopping experience seamless. Thank you very much. I appreciate your prompt and excellent service.

-Daniel Callaghan

I have just finished restoring my 1974 Beetle and used your sound deadening materials (B-Quiet Ultimate and B-Quiet Lcomp). They were easy to work with, and they work great! – Thanks and my compliments to the chef! Rich Falcioni

-Rich Falcioni

Many thanks for your prompt reply. Your service is excellent! It is simply too FAST to believe.

-Alan Tan

I just purchased 2x 50 sq. ft. rolls of B-Quiet Ultimate. The results are great!

-Stephen Young

Just a quick note of thanks for the magnificent products (Hliner, B-Quiet Ultimate and Lcomp) I purchased. I have put over 2000 miles on my 2004 Pre-Runner since installing 70 Sq. Ft. of B-Quiet Ultimate to every place I could reach in the doors, roof, sides, storage compartments and floor; coupled with 48 Sq. Ft. of the incredible Lcomp, and a sheet of Hlinerunder the hood.

I must say: I absolutely could not be happier. The first time I shut the door I was impressed. When I drove away, I was even more impressed. The more I drive, the more satisfied I am with money well spent. Now my wife is talking about some B-Quiet her 2004 Mercedes-Benz CLK in order to “take out some of the noise” she allegedly hears, now that she has something with which to compare.

My friends told me I was a fool (complete with eye-rolling)… until they rapped their knuckles on the roof and doors… Those who have ridden with me are amazed. Now they are trying to convince their wives that they need to do the same (Yes, this stuff is even for us old folk…)

So… in spite of what I consider to be borderline slanderous misrepresentations by the competition regardingB-Quiet Ultimate – thanks for not doing the same in your comparisons-

  • I noticed no tar-like odor; indeed it was odor-free.
  • I needed no heat gun; In fact I left the backing on as long as possible during installation since B-Quiet Ultimate gets rather “floppy” once it’s removed.
  • It sticks like super glue with very little pressure. So you better be sure you want it where you stick it…. it isn’t coming off without a major fight…(Another reason to leave the backing on until you’re sure you got it right.)

I could go on… and on… and it’s all good, but I think I’ll just stop and say with all sincerity… Thank you!

-Dave Brooks

Wow, you guys kick ass. I think that is the fastest I have EVER received a tracking number for a shipped internet buy, and I have bought a lot of stuff on the ‘net. Thanks for the good service.

- Nathan Crum

I wanted to let you know that I was really skeptical about you getting me product here on the short notice that I gave, but it arrived the evening that I needed it and the next day I towed the car to the body shop where I was having work done. Had it not arrived, I would have had to drive it or re-ship it and that would have been a big inconvenience. I just wanted to say thank you for a job well done. Oh, I did inspect the product and it is absolutely wonderful. The body shop has used B-Quiet before and they were glad that I had chosen B-Quiet because of it’s ease of installation and product quality.

-Edward Wilder

I added 24 square feet of Extremearound the trunk area of my car just to cut down on a little bit of the exhaust drone and tire howl during highway trips. I must say it did such an impressive job I came back after one trip and placed another order! The difference is amazing! Long trips are so much easier now and my audio system sounds better than ever. Thanks for making such an affordable solution to sound deadening!

- Nate Ander

I’ve been buying from you guys for the last year because you provide the best products with the best service.

-Craig Estabrook

I placed an order for a second 70 sq. ft. roll of B-Quiet Ultimate. Well, I used the quicker delivery option, with faint hope of getting my order today, Friday. Canada to Southern California 48 hours after placing an internet order? Figured my chances were 1 of 2 possiblities: Slim or None.

It is not yet noon here, and I just got my delivery! I am thrilled with your excellent service! I placed my order via the Internet, along with a request to please expedite if possible. YOU PEOPLE ARE GREAT! Better service simply cannot exist.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you all, so much. This is a story I will spread far and wide. You are the stuff legend is made of!
Sincerely, l

-Paul McDaniel

Fast shipping, very friendly people…B-Quiet Ultimate sticks like crazy….These people are great everyone needs to know about you and your products I give them A+

-Bobby Stamey
NSPL World Record Holder 120 IN. and up - 2002
NSPL World Champion - 2002

...places that I contact take days or more to respond, but you are right on top of things. Awesome service man. I will refer you to anyone I know that is in the market for sound deadening products. Thank you for the tracking number.

-Chris Sperle

Did the install this weekend. The difference is amazing. I did two layers of Extreme on the floor and rear panel and a single layer in the doors. Followed by a layer of Vcomp foam on the floor and back.


I purchased B-Quiet Ultimate and Vcomp a few weeks ago. Let me compliment you on the extraordinarily fast customer service and shipping. There are many other companies who could learn a lot from your example, and should if they want to keep their customers!

-Gordon Stafford

I received the Extreme yesterday. I did about 3/4 of the back of my CRX Si last night. Let me tell you, this stuff is great, I am not even done yet, and the difference is unbelievable! This stuff stuck like crazy. Thanks alot for the great deal!

-Mike Luszcz

This is my third order from your company. Thanks, the products and service is great.

-Ben Yerka

I just wanted to thank your company for it’s professionalism. I received my order of B-Quiet Ultimate today. I have experienced with your company a very smooth transaction, and again want to thank you. Keep up the excellent work.

-Bernard Stevens

I recently installed B-Quiet Ultimate in my 1997 Eagle Talon AWD Turbo, and I am very pleased with the results! I removed the rear seats, rear carpet, and all rear plastic panels from the inside of the car and drove around the city and then on the highway to get a point of reference. 11 hours of hard work and 25 sq. ft. later, I drove the car around again. What a difference! The road noise was much less noticeable than before. Then I covered select pieces of the plastic interior panels and installed them all. Even quieter!

I can’t wait to finish, and get the seats, spare tire, tire cover and carpet back in. The car will be so much quieter!

Thanks B-Quiet Ultimate! Easier to work with than competing materials, much more affordable, and WELL WORTH THE MONEY!


About three weeks ago I asked what to use to quiet my 2002 Chrysler Concorde. You recommended B-Quiet Ultimate and Lcomp. I ordered both and installed them yesterday.

Your products turned a good car into a great one. I now drive in a cocoon of silence.

Thank you.

-Mike Wheeler

WOW, that’s all I can say, great product and even better customer service. Replied to my emails before I ever bought anything from them. I installed 70 sq. ft. of B-Quiet Ultimate in my Camaro and let me say it did the job. No more annoying rattles and the music has so much more depth than it did before. I now recommend you to everyone I know. What more could you ask for, great customer service, great products, and low prices? Will come back to you for all my sound deadening needs.

-Chad Murphey

Thanks for sending me such a great product. I ordered a 50 sq. ft. roll of B-Quiet Extreme for my trunk and it is awesome.

I also wanted to say thank you for your outstanding customer service! Great job, keep it up!

-Michael Young

I recently installed two rolls of B-Quiet Ultimate in my Ford F350 crew cab diesel. It was definitely work – a two day operation, but went well. Road noise essentially eliminated, diesel quieter, turbo still there but quieter. Took a 6 hour road trip the day after completion and had NO road fatigue, so I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for the quality stuff! Take care!

-Jason Whaley

Your courtesy is very much appreciated and I will definitely refer you to friends as you are one sixth the cost of the local stereo shop. I will see you when I do my wife’s car, thanks a million!

-Donnie Ragland

I ordered 2 big rolls of B-Quiet Ultimate from you and it worked excellent!! I have never worked with anything easier then B-Quiet Ultimate. No heat gun! It sticks like crazy which is very important. Thank you!!

-Jason Fox

Just wanted to say thanks for the great product, great service, great prices, and extremely quick shipping

-Mason Hecky

Thanks for everything you guys are great!

-Kar’en Minasov

I installed a whole 70 sq ft. roll (of B-Quiet Ultimate) this weekend in my 99 Camaro SS. The exhaust used to be very loud from inside the car now it sounds like stock or quieter. This stuff is a Godsend. Its extremely easy to use. It sticks to anything without a heat gun or roller. Its very flexible so it will bend or contort to any shape you need it to.
I’m amazed at how effective this stuff is. I only used one layer and they say its 3 times more effective with two layers, I can’t imagine what that would be like. It made the car so quiet that the gain settings I had been using previously now seems too loud for me. I’m having to lower my gains settings on my amps. I guess its keeping the good noise in and the bad noise out.

I highly recommend this stuff. Don’t even think about whether you should or should not buy it, just buy it and you won’t regret it.

-Mike Moorman

Thank you so much for the quick response to my question. Because of your timeliness I will be able begin sound proofing in the morning. It is really nice to get such a fast turn around. Your company continues to impress me with their service.

-Marc Lais

Thank you for your outstanding customer service.

-John Lee

B-Quiet Ultimate is the best I have ever worked with, the adhesive and it’s durability are far superior to anything else I have worked with in the last 14 years. I highly recommend buying some.

-Tim BaillieI
ASCA World Champion

Thanks for the quick turnaround and tracking number!!!!

-Mike Daniels

Wow! That’s all I have to say… I ordered the B-Quiet Extreme and am very pleased with this product. Man, does it make a difference. So Far I have only deadened my trunk and trunk lid and I also have air ride suspension on my car and that makes the compressors so much more quieter. Thanks for the fast shipping and excellent product. I will definitely be ordering some more soon

-Chad Rabanus

Thanks so very much for the information!!!!! This is my first shot at this, and I must say it has been unbelievably simple to apply. The adhesiveness and workability of B-Quiet Ultimate was beyond my expectations. I have also appreciated your responsiveness to my needs.

- Perry Pittman

…thanks for putting such a great product in reach of the everyday joe.

-Ryan Mitchell

I can’t believe what a slick system you have. Very impressive with the speedy reply, notice of order and tracking number, and quick shipment. Good job, and thank you!

-Andy Torgerson

I have installed about 170 sq ft of B-Quiet Ultimate in my car and what a difference it makes. B-Quiet Ultimate is a great product and much more cost effective than the Dynamat product. I will suggest this product to all of my friends.

-Dan Larocque

Thank you so much for your prompt and professional response to my concern. So far it has been a pleasure to do business with you guys.

-Mao Hsiao

Wanted to thank you for your suggestion on the use of B-Quiet Ultimate for my vehicles. I installed it in my 97 Saturn SL2 and 99 Ford Windstar SEL. My wife and I are amazed at the difference. Both cars are now as quiet as our other car, an S-Class Mercedes. The B-Quiet Ultimate has definitely made my cars, especially the Saturn, less tiring to drive. I wonder what
B-Quiet Ultimate could do for the Mercedes?

- Benjamin Yee

Wow. Thanks for the quick response! Your company obviously knows the meaning of the term Customer Service. Thanks!

-Brandon Burr

This is my second order of B-Quiet Ultimate. And the stuff is GREAT! Thanks alot

-Travis Holtman

Thanks for the fast processing and support

-Febrien Tambunan

I would like to complement on the B-Quiet Ultimate if I may? I have dealt with Dynamat Extreme in the past and I have never ran across a product as good as yours. That adhesive is awesome! My car is Dead Now! My midbass in the doors really kick now. No resonance at all! I even added it to my fiberglass sub box and my kicks. What a great product you have there. Keep up the good work!

-Scott Jennings

Thank you so much for you quick service and reasonable prices!

-Jim Jumamil

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