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Here you’ll find some example installs using B-Quiet® products.

These are provided for informational purposes only - each application, customer and vehicle is different! If you’re unsure of which product to select, please contact us!

B-Quiet Hliner Instructions


B-Quiet Ultimate Instructions


B-Quiet Vcomp Instructions


B-Quiet Extreme Instructions


Acura El Ultimate trunk, doors
Acura Integra Ultimate floor,hatch,doors
Acura RSX Extreme + Vcomp floor,hatch,doors
AMC Gremlin Ultimate floor, firewall
BMW 328 Ultimate trunk
Buick Park Ave Ultimate + Vcomp floor, doors, trunk
Buick Regal Ultimate trunk
Chevrolet Camaro Ultimate + Extreme floor, doors, hatch
Chevrolet Camaro Ultimate floor, doors, trunk
Chevrolet Camaro Ultimate + Vcomp floor, trunk
Chevrolet Caprice Classic Extreme trunk
Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 Extreme floor, doors, trunk
Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 Extreme floor, doors, trunk
Chevrolet Chevelle Ultimate + Lcomp dash, floor, firewall, trunk
Chevrolet Corvair Ultimate floor, firewall, rear seat
Chevrolet Corvette Ultimate + Lcomp floor, door, hatch
Chevrolet Impala Ultimate floor, doors, trunk, ceiling
Chevrolet Impala Ultimate floor
Chevrolet Lumina Extreme doors, floor, roof, rear deck
Chevrolet Monte Carlo Ultimate floor, trunk
Chevrolet Silverado Ultimate doors, floor, rear cab walls
Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Ultimate doors, floor, rear cab walls, ceiling
Chevrolet Suburban Ultimate doors, floor
Chrysler Sebring Ultimate + Hliner floor, hood
Dodge Caravan Ultimate floor, doors, roof
Eagle Talon Extreme floor, hatch
Ford F350 Diesel Ultimate doors, floor, rear cab walls
Ford Focus ZX3 Extreme floor
Ford F-150 Extreme floor, rear cab walls, ceiling
Ford Harley Davidson F-150 Ultimate doors, floor, rear cab walls
Ford Lightning F-150 Extreme + Vcomp doors, floor, rear cab walls
Ford Mustang Ultimate + Lcomp doors, floor, trunk
Geo Metro Extreme doors
Honda Accord Ultimate doors, floor, trunk, ceiling
Honda Accord Ultimate doors
Honda Civic Ultimate floor, doors, ceiling, trunk
Honda CRX Ultimate doors, floor, sub enclosure
Honda Odyssey Ultimate doors, floor, firewall
Honda S2000 Ultimate + Lcomp doors, floor, firewall, hatch area
Hyundai Accent GSI Extreme doors, floor, trunk
Jeep Cherokee Ultimate floor, ceiling, firewall, hatch area
Lexus GS400 Ultimate floor, trunk


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