Toyota GR Supra and B-Quiet Automotive Sound Deadening

Toyota GR Supra and B-Quiet Sound Deadening

The Toyota GR Supra is one of the most highly modified cars in the world because it is a blast to drive, thanks to a seriously overbuilt turbo engine, quick steering, and well-tuned suspension. Most would agree that it is a good sports car. With all that power comes interior rattles, road noise, and head off the transmission tunnel.

As discussed in the following Supra Forum: Sound Dampening Project Toyota Supra owners are looking for sound dampening options to quiet their cars. Thankfully, B-Quiet Sound Deadening offers a range of premium automotive sound deadening products that can be used to dampen road noise in the interior of your Toyota GR Supra.

B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadening

One of B-Quiet’s most popular automotive sound deadening products is the Ultimate Sound Deadener. Ultimate is inexpensive, easy to apply and will immediately reduce engine, exhaust, wind, road, and tire noise in your Toyota Supra.

Where to Put Ultimate Sound Deadener in your Toyota Supra

Maximum sound insulation and control in your Toyota Supra can be achieved by applying B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener in a few key places, such as: on the floor, doors and trunk, and wheel wells.

B-Quiet Ultimate  Sound Deadening can be applied on the floor of your Toyota Supra by removing the carpet and seats. The process is simple and will only take about 2-3 hours. The same process can be used in applying Ultimate Sound Deadener in the trunk of your Toyota Supra.

B-Quiet Ultimate  Sound Deadener can also be applied to the doors of your Toyota Supra. To do this, the interior panels must be removed, and B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadender can be placed on all metal surfaces inside the door skin and then the door.

If you want to go all out, you can apply B-Quiet Hliner to the engine bay of your Toyota Supra to reduce engine noise.

How much do you need? And how much does it cost?

B-Quiet sells Ultimate Automotive Sound Deadener in 50 square feet rolls, and to completely outfit your Toyota GR Supra you will need 1-2 rolls at a cost of $159.99 per roll.

For engine bay insultation, a sheet of B-Quiet Hliner costs $99.99.

Buy yours today at for a much quieter ride.




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