B-Quiet Ultimate 50 sq.ft. Roll
B-Quiet Ultimate is our premium viscoelastic deadener.  This premium deadener with a supercharged butyl based adhesive is superior because it absorbs structural vibrations from gears, engines, suspensions and the road, converting them into low level heat while also minimizing sound pass...
B-Quiet Extreme 50 sq.ft. Roll Buy One Get one at 50% Sale
For the month of December BUY ONE roll of B-Quiet 50 Ft and , GET THE 2ND AT 50% OFF.  Offer is automatically applied to cart B-Quiet® Extreme is our superior level dampener that works by absorbing structural vibrations from gears,...
The Perfect Gift Deadening Package
Not sure where to start, with 2 x 50 Foot Rolls of B-Quiet Extreme and a Roller, you are off to a good start to making your car quieter.   This package is a must for a car guy who wants...
B-Quiet Vcomp
Vcomp is a noise barrier composite consisting of a dense 1/8″ vinyl based polymer barrier with a 1/4″ thick foam decoupler. It has a total thickness of 3/8″, weighs approximately 1 lb/sq. ft. Vcomp is meant to be installed on...
B-Quiet Hliner
Hliner is 1/2″ thick thermo/acoustic foam with a reinforced aluminum skin. It reduces engine noise in the interior of the vehicle and also reflects the majority of the heat from the engine. This protects the paint on the hood and...
Car Guy Guy Sound Deadening Package
The Car Guy Guy Sound Deadening Package Give The Gift of a Quiet Car This Holiday Season with 2 rolls of 50 foot Extreme Sound Deadening,  1 Sheet of VComp and a application roller.  The most Extreme package to create...
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