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Top 5 Reasons to Sound Deaden Your Car/Truck

27 May 2021

Top 5 Reasons to Sound Deaden Your Vehicle

 B-Quiet Sound Deadening Ford Mustang

Why do we sound deaden our vehicles, I thought the manufacturer did it for us?   Is the question I am often asked

Here are the top 5 reasons: 

  1. Noise: Internal and External Noise
  2. Interior Cabin Comfort
  3. Driver Safety
  4. Rust Prevention and Paint Protection
  5. Keeping The Cold In And The Heat In. 


Lets dive into more details on Sound Deadening

1. Noise: Internal and External Noise

External noise is now the environment impacts us, tire noise, wind noise, rain, other vehicles

Internal noise is created by the vehicle itself (exhaust, engine, suspension, wheels, squeaks, and poorly enclosed speakers.

High-grade sound deadening helps to reduce both types of noise and even eliminate some of them.

2. Interior Cabin Comfort

It is by far easier to talk in a properly insulated car as no one needs to shout. The added benefit, is often you can reduce the volume of your stereo( although not many would do this)  By reducing the interior sound, the driving experience becomes more relaxing and less draining and tiring on the driver and passenger.

3. Driver Safety

 In a sound-deadened car, the driver is calmed, can hear if there are any mechanical issues and the driver is able to react to a factor that he would not otherwise hear. 

4. Rust Prevention and Paint Protection

 Rust and paint scratches are a major reason to sound deaden your car. Thanks to its composition, the sound-deadening material makes the car body creates a waterproof bond to the metal on the interior, stopping all water, salt and debris from collecting on the metal surface.  It also helps save the paint from scratches.  Consequently, the material prolongs the service life of your car.

5. Keeping The Cold In And The Heat In. 

Weather plays a major role in sound deadening, if you can keep your car cool in the summer and warm in the winter, it's a major benefit, sound deadening does this by creating an insulating area in your vehicle.  Really, why would you not sound deaden your vehicle?

The loudest areas of your vehicle are the: doors, floor, engine compartment, wheel arches, ceiling, and trunk.

Sound deadening can be the entire vehicle or just parts of it.   Depending on the budget, most people can spend as little as $100 and see a decrease of 7-10db.  However, the best results can be had for roughly $700 and include the entire vehicle.   

Looking for help with your project and want some recommendations?  Drop us a line at today.


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