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26 Apr 2021

Soundproofing your Toyota RAV4 with B-Quiet Automotive Sound Deadening

Rav 4

RAV4 owners love their compact, fuel-efficient SUVs but often complain about annoying rattles and excessive wind, road, and tire noise. If you take the plunge and remove the interior components of your Toyota Rav4 you will be surprised to see that there is a lot of bare metal surfaces and very little soundproofing. Which explains why its so loud inside the car.

Check out the following forum on: Soundproofing a RAV4 for information on how to install automotive sound deadening to soundproof your SUV. You may not have heard of but this small but mighty Sound Deadening Solutions company also sells premium automotive sound deadening or sound deadener. At you will find a range of automotive sound deadening products at affordable prices.

Its most popular automotive sound deadening products for soundproofing the engine, wind, road, and tire noise of a Toyota RAV4 is B-Quiet Ultimate Automotive Sound Deadening. One 50 sqft. roll of B-Quiet Ultimate Automotive Sound Deadener will cost $160.00.

How to Install Ultimate Automotive Sound Deadener

Installing B-Quiet Ultimate Automotive Sound Deader in your Toyota RAV4 could not be easier, you simply remove the seats, carpet and headliner and apply the peel and stick sound dampening material directly onto all metal surfaces of your vehicle (floor and roof). B-Quiet Ultimate Automotive Sound Deadener can also be applied to the doors and in the trunk of your RAV4 by removing interior panels and applying the sound dampening material on the door skins, the doors and in the trunk. This process is simple and will only take about 3-4 hours.

For increased insulation and to reduce shakes and rattles in the engine bay, you can apply B-Quiet Hliner to the floor, transmission tunnel, and back wall of your Toyota RAV4.

Cost of B-Quiet Automotive Sound Deadener Products?

For only $250-$300 you can completely outfit your Toyota RAV4 with B-Quiet Ultimate Automotive Sound Deadener and/or B-Quiet HLiner and you will enjoy a much quieter ride.

Life is LOUD, your car project does not need to be. Buy yours today at


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