Restoring a Chevy C10 Pickup Truck and B-Quiet Automotive Sound Deadening

Restoring a Chevy C10 Pickup Truck and B-Quiet Sound Deadening 

C10 Pick Up Truck Sound Deadening

The Chevy C10 pickup is one of the coolest classic old trucks, and a popular restoration project. While most Chevy C10 restoration projects focus on ensuring that it is mechanically sound and cleaning the exterior of your truck, many overlook the importance of interior detailing. Once you’ve cleaned up the floor and patched up any rust spots you may want to consider adding B-Quiet Sound Deadening  Automotive Sound Deadening.

B-Quiet Sound Deadening Automotive Sound Deadening is an insulating sound proofing material that can significantly engine, exhaust, tire, and road noise in your Chevy C10 by 10-15 db. If you are going to be doing some serious driving in your Chevy C10 than adding automotive sound deadening material is a good. One of B-Quiet’s most popular products in B-Quiet Ultimate  Sound Deadening.

Adding B-Quiet Ultimate  Automotive Sound Deadener to your Chevy C10 Pickup

For maximum automotive sound proofing and insulation, the team at B-Quiet Ultimate  recommends removing the seats and the carpet of your Chevy C10 and applying B-Quiet Ultimate Automotive Sound Deadener. This can be done while your inspecting the interior of you Chevy C10 and following any rust repairs that need to be addressed in your Chevy C10. B-Quiet Ultimate  Sound Deadener is easy to apply with a peel and stick sound dampening material which can be applied directly onto all metal services. This process is simple and will only take a couple hours to add to your Chevy C10.

B-Quiet Sound Deadening also recommends applying B-Quiet Ultimate  Automotive Sound Deadener to the wheel wells and sides of your Chevy C10 pickup as well as the doors of your Chevy C10. Simply remove the interior panels and apply B-Quiet Ultimate  Automotive Sound Deadener to the door skin, the door and in the bed of your Chevy C10 pickup.

B-Quiet Hliner can also be added under the hood of your Chevy C10, behind the fire wall and transmission tunnel to reduce engine noise and reflect heat in the interior of your Chevy C10 pickup. This product also protects the paint on the hood and keeps it looking new which is important following a restoration.

How much do you need? And how much does it cost?

B-Quiet Sound Deadening sells Ultimate Automotive Sound Deadener in 50 square feet rolls, and you will need about 1-2 rolls at a cost of $159.99 per roll to sound deaden your Chevy C10 pickup truck. A sheet of H Liner costs $99.99. Buy yours today at B-Quiet Sound Deadening.