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Kenworth Truck and B-Quiet Sound Deadening

22 Sep 2021

How to Reduce Noise in a Kenworth Truck with B-Quiet Sound Deadening

Is your Kenworth truck and sleeper cabin driving you crazy because of a noisy reefer unit? Are you dreaming about a quieter and more luxurious ride? If yes, then you will be pleased to know that offers an inexpensive solution called Extreme sound deadening and insulation material.

Sound Deadening Solutions sells Extreme Sound Deadening and insulation material which can be easily applied to your Kenworth Truck to dampen engine, radiant heat and road noise, vibrations and rattles. Used throughout your truck, Extreme Sound Deadening is a great first layer of sound deadening that will do a good job at making your truck and cabin quieter.

Extreme Sound Deadener in a Kenworth Truck

B-Quiet Extreme Sound Deadener is incredibly easy to install, no tools, no adhesives – simply peel & stick the sound dampening material to all metal surfaces. Extreme Sound Deadener can be applied to the floors, the doors, roof and sleeper.  

Simply remove the carpet to apply the peel and stick material to the floor. The process is very simple and will only take a couple of hours.

B-Quiet Extreme Sound Deadener can also be applied to the doors, roof and sleeper. You simply remove the interior door and dash panels as well as the ceiling materials and apply B-Quiet Extreme Sound Deadener to all inside metal surfaces. 

Cost of Applying Extreme Sound Deadener to a Kenworth Truck

A Kenworth Truck can be outfitted in Extreme Sound Deadener for less than $250. Buy yours today at

Extreme sound deadener is the perfect addition to every heavy truck and the result will be a more enjoyable ride and good night’s sleep.


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