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International Lonestar Truck and B-Quiet Sound Deadening

30 Apr 2021

International Lonestar Truck and B-Quiet Sound Deadening

One of the more popular semi-trucks on the road, the International Lonestar Truck can take on any load, any distance and offer exceptional fuel economy. However, with all that power comes a lot of noise. Troubling noises can come from various places in your International Lonestar truck, highway traffic, items in your trailer moving around and the engine. is pleased to offer International Lonestar Truck owners a range of sound deadening solutions.

Ultimate Sound Deadening

At, International Lonestar truck owners will find a range of sound deadening products which can be used to dampen truck noise. The easy and inexpensive fix is to apply Ultimate Sound Deadening in a few strategic places.

Where to Apply Ultimate Sound Deadening on an International Lonestar Truck

Cabin Floors

In an International Lonestar Truck one of the biggest sources of noise are the tires, located underneath the floor, so it is recommended by the team at B-Quiet to start by applying B-Quiet Ultimate Sound deadening to the cabin floor. Simply remove the carpet and apply the peel and stick Ultimate Sound Deadening to the metal floor. 

Insulate Cab Doors

After the cabin floor, the B-Quiet team recommends insulating the doors of your International Lonestar truck. The door panels can be easily removed in order to apply B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadening.

Back wall and Roof

Ultimate Sound Deadener can also be applied to the back wall and roof. Like the cab doors, remove interior panels and apply B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener to all inside metal surfaces. Ultimate Sound Deadening is extremely easy to install.

Cost of Ultimate Sound Deadening your International Lonestar Truck

At a cost of only $150 you can completely outfit your International Lonestar Truck with Ultimate Sound Deadener. By applying Ultimate Sound Deadening to your International Lonestar Truck, you will get a more peaceful ride, pleasant conversations with passengers, and music will sound better.



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