Hyundai Accent and B-Quiet Sound Deadening

Hyundai Accent and B-Quiet Sound Deadening

Hyundai Accent

Do you love your compact, sporty Hyundai Accent but are bothered by loud wind, tire and engine noises? The simplest way to cut down on noise in your Hyundai Accent is with improved automotive sound deadening. While manufacturers do insulate cars with sound deadening when they are being built it usually isn’t enough to completely quiet your car. That is why B-Quiet Sound Deadening offers a range of automotive sound deadening products which can be applied to your Hyundai Accent and it will make a huge improvement.

B-Quiet Extreme Automotive Sound Deadening

To fix excessive noise in your Hyundai Accent, B-Quiet Sound Deadening recommends applying Extreme Automotive Sound Deadener in a few key places (floor, door and dash panels). Extreme Sound Deadening works by absorbing structural and mechanical vibrations from gears, engines, suspensions and the road, converting them into low level heat.

Applying B-Quiet Extreme Automotive Sound Deadener in a Hyundai Accent

Extreme Automotive Sound Deadener can be applied easily to your Hyundai Accent by cutting out the desired amount of sound deadening, peeling and sticking the adhesive material, and applying directly on to a metal surface.

The easiest place to apply Extreme Automotive Sound Deadener is the floor. Simply remove the seats and carpet of your Hyundai Accent and apply B-Quiet Extreme Sound Deadening directly to the metal floor. This process is simple and would take a handy person about 3 hours.

B-Quiet’s Extreme automotive sound deadener can also be applied to the doors and dash panels. You simply remove the interior panels and apply B-Quiet Extreme to all metal surfaces inside the door skin and then the dash. 

It won’t take much B-Quiet Extreme 50 foot Sound Deadening to completely transform your Hyundai Accent into a quieter ride.

Cost of Sound Deadening a Hyundai Accent?

A compact Hyundai Accent can be outfitted with B-Quiet Extreme 50 foot for only $120. Buy your B-Quiet Extreme 50 foot today at B-Quiet Sound Deadening.