5 Most Common Vehicle Sound-Deadening Myths You Need to Know

5 Most Common Vehicle Sound-Deadening Myths You Need to Know

 Sound Deadening

Driving a car is an experience you can improve with various services and accessories. For example, you can use more comfortable material for your seats, making long journeys much more convenient for you. These services are worth it since your car is a heavy investment you want to make the most of. You will likely use your car a lot, so we recommend getting these, transmission services provided by an expert, like My Transmission Experts. Another such service that you can take advantage of is sound-deadening.


Sound deadening involves cutting out sound from the outside to the vehicle interior, making it quieter. This can be very convenient because most people love peace, making your driving experience peaceful. However, there are many sound-deadening myths out there that can put people off from getting their car sound-proofed. Not to worry, we have you sorted out. We will discuss some of these myths and tell you the truth about them so you know what you are getting when sound-proofing your vehicle.


Let’s dive in.


1. Sound-deadening material is only effective if it is heavier and thicker.

This is a common myth since most people associate sound suppression with the thickness of the material. While thick material can result in sound deadening, it is not the main factor. In fact, some materials are significantly less thick and can suppress sound much better. This is because many more critical factors dictate the material’s sound-proofing capabilities. Some of these factors include the density of the material, flow resistivity and cell size. Therefore, if you see your automotive specialist applying a material that doesn’t seem thick, you do not need to worry.


2. Sound-deadening material needs to be only applied to doors.

People tend to think that only doors need to be sound-proofed since this is where most of the outside sounds tend to come from. After all, there are gaps where the door happens, and it is only natural. While doing so will remove most of the noise from outside, there will still be sounds from the trunk, the hood and the hood, among other sources. This means that you will need to apply the material to these areas, not just the doors, to get rid of as much sound as possible.


3. Sound-deadening material can cause damage when you try to remove it.

Another common myth is that once the material is stuck to the car, you cannot remove it without damaging the metal. This is because they believe that the adhesive permanently gets attached to the metal, making it difficult to remove the material. This may be the case with traditional glues, but most specialists use an adhesive that they can easily remove. The adhesive simply helps attach the material to the car but does not itself bind to the metal. This means you do not have to worry about damage if you want to get it removed.


4. It would be best if you double-layered sound-deadening material for maximum effect.

Some specialists recommend that you double-layer sound-deadening material for maximum effect. We are here to tell you that this is not the case. While you may notice some improvements, they won’t be worth the price that you are paying. This is because no matter how much you layer material, there is still the glass of your car that will bring in sound. Therefore, double layering material will not lead to double sound-proofing. This is why you should only layer once but use a material that is of good quality.


5. Sound-deadening only reduces sound and provides no other advantage.

This is an understandable myth because you only get this service to eliminate sound. For many people, this may not seem a worthwhile investment as they may not be bothered that much by the sound. However, sound-deadening material also provides advantages for the temperature of your vehicle’s interior. This is because this material is also insulating, ensuring the temperature is warm during winter and cool during summer. Therefore, you are getting more with this service besides lesser noise inside the car.


To sum up

Driving a car is an experience you can significantly improve with various services and accessories. There are many of these available for you to implement into your vehicle, including sound-deadening material. Sound-deadening can make your driving experience much more peaceful by removing sound from outside and the various moving components of your car. However, various myths about sound-deadening can make people hesitant to get these services. We have addressed these myths to ensure that you know exactly what you are getting when you get your car sound-proofed.


We hope this article proves insightful and enables you to understand how vehicle sound-deadening works, and visit for all of your sound deadening needs. 

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