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Latest customer testimonial (more here)

This will be my 3rd car I use your product in. I have referred you to other car guys and they all agree that it is unbelievable the improvement. All I can say is, it is the best way to cut down or maybe eliminate road noise and heat and metal vibration. The only mistake I made with the first car was not taking a decibel meter reading before and after installation. People who rode with me could not believe the difference.

Thanks, John Bowe


Shhhh! Are you tired of paying too much for your sound deadening materials?? Sick of a bunch of middlemen marking up products?? Want to buy direct from the source??

You've found the affordable solution!! We are your complete sound deadening headquarters, offering a full line of products including popular names like Dynamat® Xtreme.


Why should I sound deaden?

  • decrease road, engine, and exhaust noises

  • experience a less stressful and/or fatiguing drive

  • decrease rattles and vibrations

  • increase the resale value of your vehicle.

  • increase SPL (how loud your stereo plays)

  • increase dynamic range of your stereo system

  • decrease resonance and coloration from speakers

Sound deadening is a generic term used for an assortment products used to control noise and/or structural vibration

We offer the following types of sound deadening products:

Damper – by far the most common type of material. It uses mass loading to lower panel resonance and absorb structural vibrations, converting them into low level heat. Most commonly used throughout a vehicle to control structural related noises. They can also be used in conjunction with a composite to reduce road/engine/exhaust noise. (Extreme & Ultimate )

Absorber – as the name suggests, these products literally absorb airborne sound waves. The sound waves have to propagate through the absorber and the open/closed cell foam will slow it’s progress reducing the overall level in the process. Most commonly used on floors and firewalls to reduce road/engine/exhaust noise. (Hliner, Vcomp & Lcomp)

Barrier – as the name suggest, these products form a barrier or wall, which blocks airborne noise from passing through. The denser the barrier, the more effective it is, which makes lead an excellent choice for a barrier. Most commonly used on floors and firewalls to reduce road/engine/exhaust noise. (Vcomp & Lcomp)

Composite – Best results are achieved by using more than one of sound deadening, so a composite is quite simply a combination of two of the above types into a single easy to install product. (Vcomp & Lcomp)



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Dynamat® is a registered trademark of Dynamic Control of Dayton, OH.

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