B-Quiet Vcomp

B-Quiet Vcomp

  • $109.99

Vcomp is a noise barrier composite consisting of a dense 1/8″ vinyl based polymer barrier with a 1/4″ thick foam decoupler. It has a total thickness of 3/8″, weighs approximately 1 lb/sq. ft.

Vcomp is meant to be installed on floors, doors and firewalls to reduce road and engine noise. Using a damping material in conjunction with Vcomp will offer the optimum performance.

Each sheet measures 54″ x 36″ for a total of 13.5 sq. ft. per sheet.

Transmission Loss, in dB:
15 @ 125Hz
17 @ 250Hz
21 @ 500Hz
28 @ 1KHz
34 @ 2KHz
37 @ 4KHz
STC = 27

Temperature Range:
-40C to +121C (-40F to +250F)

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