B-Quiet Extreme 50 sq.ft. Roll

B-Quiet Extreme 50 sq.ft. Roll

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B-Quiet® Extreme is a 1.15mm (45mil) thick composite mat which consists of rubberized asphalt with an aluminum constraining layer. When the paper backing is removed the supercharged adhesive surface forms an incredible bond to ensure optimum deadening performance.

Thanks to the aluminum constraining layer and superior adhesive, it can be used on floors, doors, roofs and trunks, but not under hood.

B-Quiet® Extreme weighs 0.30lb/sq. ft., comes in 1 foot wide rolls and is available in two sizes: 12 and 50 sq. ft. rolls

Acoustic Loss Factor ASTM E756 @ 200 Hz:
0.16 @ +0C (+32F)
0.19 @ +10C (+50F)
0.29 @ +20C (+68F)
0.20 @ +30C (+86F)
0.14 @ +40C (+104F)

Temperature Range:
-55C to +110C (-67F to +230F)

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