• B-Quiet vs Dynamat

    B-Quiet vs Dynamat
    What is the difference between B-Quiet Sound Deadening products and Dynamat sound deadening products, This article hopes to answer those questions
  • How Does Car Soundproofing Actually Work?

    There are so many sources of background noises all around us such as traffic on the roads, loud music, electrical tools and machines, neighbours, and on and on the list goes. The reality is we have become very good at ignoring a lot of these low-level noises in our day-to-day lives that we only notice them as they increase beyond what we are used...
  • Areas of Your Car to Soundproof

    Although it is impossible to eliminate 100% of the internal and external noises you hear while driving, a lot of these sounds can be greatly diminished. In fact, depending on a few factors such as the age of your car, the kind of tires on your car, and the quality of car soundproofing materials used, you can reduce the internal cabin noise by up...
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