• Does Car Soundproofing Work?

    The answer to that question is simple - yes, soundproofing your car does work. There are some drivers that buy high quality sound systems for their car because they want to be able to listen to their music in peace. This is one type of person that would benefit from having their car soundproofed.  Car soundproofing will greatly reduce the vibrations your car’s tires...
  • Other peoples thoughts and opinions

    We want to thank everyone who has written a review about us.  We have had some great things said about us and our products.  Please feel free to contact us with any thoughts or questions at service@b-quiet.com We would love to see your projects. Those reviews can be seen at Trust Pilot
  • Sound Deadening Suggestions!

    We get asked a lot of what we suggest to install in a vehicle for the optimal solution for sound deadening your vehicle.  Being that we do not have pre-fit packages for doors, trunks or any part of the vehicle (so we can keep costs down to you the end user) this is our typical response.   We would suggest B-Quiet Extreme or Ultimate throughout...
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