• Is Car Soundproofing Worth The Money?

    Driving a vehicle can be a relatively loud experience. Driving at high speeds can result in a lot of exterior noise from your tires and the wind, on top of other noises coming from traffic, emergency vehicles, construction work, and more. Plus, unless your car is in tip-top shape, chances are from time to time you’ll experience some unwanted internal noises coming from your...
  • Sound Deadening Thickness, Weight, Adhesion and Cost

    Sound Deadening Thickness, Weight, Adhesion and Cost
    While the dampening material itself (asphalt or butyl rubber) has the biggest impact on performance, the material thickness, weight, adhesion and cost should also be addressed during product selection.
  • Asphalt vs. Butyl Rubber

    Asphalt vs. Butyl Rubber A tale of two sound deadeners Sound deadener products fall into two main categories based on the material used to dampen the sound. If you just need to know the what and not the why, a butyl-rubber based sound deadener is well worth the added expense read on 
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