Whats the difference between B-Quiet Sound Deadening and Dynamat?

What's the difference between B-Quiet Sound Deadening and Dynamat?

Over the last 20 years in business, we have heard it all, but specifically, what is the difference between B-Quiet Sound Deadening and Dynamat, dynamatting, Dinomat, Dynomat as its often called.  

It always makes me smile when I get a call asking for Dynomat sound panels or sound deadening foam.  Its at that point I let the caller know that they have in fact called B-Quiet Sound Deadening, Dynamats competitor for the last 20 years.  

While both companies have been offering great products and are the industry leaders in automotive sound deadening and automotive sound dampeners there are several difference between the two.

Dynamat vs B-Quiet

 One of the main differences between B-Quiet Sound Deadening and Dynamat is how our products are sold.   With both make great sound deadening products, but that is where the similarities end.  Dynamat has a series of dealers and suppliers that sell their Sound Deadening Foams and Sound Absorbing mats and Dynapads.  

B-Quiet Sound Deadening not only manufactures their sound deadening material, but they also sell it directly to the consumer, allowing the consumer to pay for the product without any middle man retailer.  The result is that the end consumer ends up paying much less for the exact same product.

Sound Deadening Products

Dyanamat has a wide range of products, both for home, automotive sound deadening and industrial sound deadening.  They have sound deadening mats,Dyanamat Xtreme, Dynamat hoodiner and many others. 

B-Quiet Sound Deadening offers a very similar offering of products as well, including B-Quiet Ultimate and B-Quiet Extreme  which are used as Sound Dampeners to reduce noise and vibrations in structures.  B-Quiet Vcomp which is a vinyl mat decoupled with a foam backing to both reduce vibrations and absorb sound and finally B-Quiet Hliner which is designed to go into high heat applications to reduce and absorb sound and is safe when placed in the engine bay.

Cheap Sound Deadening

I am often asked if I sell cheap sound deadening.  The answer is no, we do not.  Dynamat is very expensive, but as mentioned above, they need to keep a dealer network going.  B-Quiet Sound Deadening is not the cheapest sound deadener on the market, That title is given to our competition Noico, Fatmat, Kilmat, whos products are all made in Russia.  

B-Quiet Sound Deadening is made in the USA is the best quality you can get and in 20 years of business we have never had an unhappy customer who has put our products in their vehicle and not seen a difference.


After explaining this to the caller who asks the questions, What's the difference been B-Quiet Sound Deadening and Dynamat, 99% of the time, the customer orders from the manufacturer, knowing they are supporting a company based in America.  

The choice is easy, which will you choose.

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