Toyota Tundra Automotive Sound Deadening

Toyota Tundra and B-Quiet Sound Deadening

The Toyota Tundra has been a huge success for Toyota,  not only is it a capable off road vehicle, but it also offers many amenities that make it a great choice for a daily commuter. 

Good looks and handling round out this truck.  The one problem with the Toyota Tundra is the lack of Auto Sound dampening or Sound deadener to help with the interior noise and road sound. 

Auto Sound Dampening

Auto Sound Dampening always plays a major role in the driving experience and how a person enjoys their vehicle, and although the Toyota Tundra is a great truck, it falls short in Automotive sound deadening category.  The result is the tire noise overwhelms the sound on the interior and the sound quality of the stereo suffers.

Where to put it?

Many Toyota Tundra fans like to put automotive sound deadening in the doors.   To do this, they remove the interior panels with two screws and remove set the panel aside. 

From there they apply B-Quiet Automotive Extreme Sound Deadener or B-Quiet Ultimate Sound deadener to the interior of the door skin.  This reduces the amount of sound that is transmitted from the outside of the vehicle into the interior.  The second benefit is that the sound of the stock stereo is improved dramatically.  Thereby improving the driving experience on and off road.

How much sound deadener do I need?

To sound deaden the doors of a Toyota Tundra 4 door, you will need about 50 square feet.  A Roll of B-Quiet Ultimate, or B-Quiet Extreme will do the trick and transform your driving experience starting at $99.99

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