• sprinter-van-campervan-and-b-quiet-automotive-sound-deadening

    Sprinter Van (Campervan) and B-Quiet Automotive Sound Deadening The Sprinter Van is known to be a solid work vehicle, but its thin sheets of metal walls can also be loud. While ear plugs may do the trick for a short period of time, those with more sensitive hearing may consider investing in automotive soundproofing to reduce the noise. This is especially important for anyone...
  • Butyl Rubber vs. Asphalt, which is the best for you?

    Butyl Rubber vs. Asphalt, which is the best for you?
    B-Quiet Sound Deadening sells a range of automotive sound deadening products, including its most popular sound dampening product called Ultimate Automotive Sound Deadener. Ultimate Automotive Sound Deadener is a 1.6 mm (60 mil) thick composite material which is made of pure butyl rubber with a bonded aluminum outer skin. The supercharged adhesive surface forms an incredible bond to all metal surfaces and ensures optimum automotive sound...
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