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Sound Deadening The Trunk Of Your Vehicle

20 Feb 2023

Sound Deadening The Trunk Of Your Vehicle

Bquiet Sound Deadening Trunk


Sound deadening is the process of reducing noise and vibrations that travel through your car. This can be achieved by installing additional materials in your vehicle's trunk.

What is sound deadening?

Sound deadening is a process that reduces the amount of sound that reverberates through your vehicle. It's different from soundproofing, which uses heavy materials to block out noise from outside sources.

Sound deadening is done by applying thick padding between layers of sheet metal or fiberglass. This padding absorbs vibrations and prevents them from transferring into other parts of the car's bodywork--specifically, where you sit or lie down while driving!

Why do you need to sound deaden the trunk of your vehicle?

Sound deadening is a must for any car enthusiast. It reduces road noise and improves the sound from your speakers, making for a much better listening experience.

It also reduces sound from the engine, exhaust, tires and other parts of the vehicle that make noise when you are driving. This can help you hear more clearly when driving at high speeds or in heavy traffic where there are lots of other vehicles around you

How to install sound deadening in your trunk.

In order to install sound deadening in your trunk, you will need:

  • A carpet knife or razor blade.

  • B-Quiet Ultimate sound deadener, which can be purchased at an auto parts store.

  • A drill with a 7/16" bit for mounting the speakers (or just buy some pre-made holes).

In addition to these tools and materials, we recommend having a friend help out with this project because it's easier to work together than alone! Once all these items are collected, it's time to get started!

B-Quiet Ultimate is the best way to sound proof your trunk.

B-Quiet Ultimate is the best way to sound proof your trunk. This high quality sound deadening material can be installed in your trunk in less than a weekend, and it will last for years.

If you want to silence that annoying road noise, or if you just want to make sure that no one hears what's going on inside of the car, B-Quiet Ultimate is an excellent option. The product comes with everything you need: the sheeting itself; some adhesive tape; and even an applicator tool so that it's easy for anyone who installs this stuff (and trust us when we say "anyone"). The installation process takes only minutes per panel--you just peel off the backing from each piece of foam and stick them onto whatever surface needs dampening down!


B-Quiet Ultimate is the best way to sound proof your trunk.

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