Sound Deadening the Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Sound Deadening the Chevrolet Camaro Z28

The Chevy Camaro is an iconic vehicle that has been around since the 1960s, Great styling, plenty of power and a great following allowed it to become one of the iconic American muscle cars from 1960 up until today. 

Camaro z28 Sound Deadening

All these positive attributes make this vehicle, one of the top selling cars of all time, it does however have 1 flaw.  It lacks any sort of sound deadening from the factory.   Many owners complain of it droning on the highway, the result is that for longer road trips it simply is not the best vehicle.   There is an answer however.  Automotive Sound deadening makes a big difference in the overall quality of the driving experience when applied to the key areas.

B-Quiet Sound Deadening in the Chevy Camaro

For many years, muscle car enthusiast have sought an alternative to the limited factory sound deadening and its limit of making the ride quiet.  After many installs, we can finally say we found the secret to a quiet interior even with headers, straight pipe and aggressive tires.


Where to place Automotive Sound Deadening

The best place to put B-Quiet Sound deadening in the Camaro is by far the floorboards, starting with B-Quiet Extreme or Ultimate on the floor pans.  This stops the resonance created by vibrations in the mechanical running gear.   The next step is to move to the rear of the car and line the trunk of the vehicle.  This will allow the exhaust tone to be reduced, thereby reducing the drone.

Finally, the last step is to Add B-Quiet Vcomp to the floors of the car.  This will block the noise via the mass loaded vinyl with foam core.  The results are a drop of about 19 Decibels on the interior.  Making the interior something that matches the performance of the outside.

Check out the links below for B-Quiet Ultimate and Vcomp and improve your rides sound quality today

B-Quiet Ultimate:

B-Quiet Hliner:

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