How to Soundproof a Transport Truck Cab and Sleeper with B-Quiet Automotive Sound Deadening

How to Soundproof a Transport Truck Cab and Sleeper with B-Quiet Automotive Sound Deadening

The transport truck industry has never been more important than it is today, especially with the outbreak of Covid-19. Those spending a lot of time in a transport truck know that sound proofing is a classic problem, but not a top priority for most truck manufacturers. The good news, there is a simple solution available at which provides high-quality sound deadening products.

Sound Deadening Products offers a range of products which can be used to lower low-frequency noises found in the cabin which can be difficult to absorb from road, mechanical and tire noise. The easy fix for this is to apply sound deadening products (e.g. Ultimate Sound Deadener) in a few strategic places.

Where to Put Ultimate Sound Deadener

It is recommended by the B-Quiet Team, that you apply B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener on the dash panels, under the floorboards and on the cabin walls and doors.  

The dash panels can be easily removed in order to apply B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener.

B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener can also be applied on the floorboards, to do this the seats and carpet need to be removed. The process is very simple and will only take about 3-4 hours.

Ultimate sound deadener can be applied to the cabin walls and doors. To do this, the interior panels need to be removed, and B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener can be placed on all inside metal surfaces. 

How Much Does it cost to apply Ultimate Sound Deadener to a Transport Truck?

In all, it cost about $175 to completely outfit the on a transport truck with enough Ultimate Sound Deadener. Transport truck drivers spend a lot of time in their trucks and it should be quiet enough to hear yourself think. Sound deadening your transport truck with B-Quiet Ultimate will make all the difference in the world in the quality of your ride. Buy yours today at

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