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How to keep the heat out of your car or campervan.

10 Aug 2021

How to keep the heat out of your car or Campervan.

For years automotive enthusiasts have been looking at a way to reduce in cabin temperatures in the summer and keep the inside of the cabin warm in the winter.   

There are many different products on the market today some people may go with old school jute while others use Home Depot insulation intended for houses.

What should I use to insulate my vehicle?

Cold Camper

There are a lot of products that are used to reduce heat in your car, automotive manufacturers use a product sometimes called jute which is simply woven fabrics loosely piled together to form a matting, although effective it tends to absorb the heat and get heat soaked and is prone to hold in water when it gets wet, resulting in water touching the metal surface below.

Heat shield, either made from Aluminum, or steel are also used, however after time, they tend to rust, fall off and do not offer much sound deadening qualities.

B-Quiet Sound Deadening has found that the best answer to reducing in car temperatures either from exhausts close to the floorboard or the heat from the sun is be quiet Hliner.

B-Quiet HLiner Insulated against heat and sound


Hliner is a specially designed to do three things, Reduce in cabin Sound, reduce in cabin heat, and keep air keep air conditioning in the vehicle.  How does it work?

The B-Quiet HLiner Heat and Sound Insulation is more than enough to keep your car rides quiet and cool in the summer and warm in the winter. A thick thermo-acoustic foam, reinforced with an aluminum skin, this mat dampens engine noise, while also deflecting heat from the engine. For truckers, this is more than a blessing on the road!  In a Camper Van application, it helps insulate the walls and ceiling, by reducing the suns heat from entering the interior of the van.

Road noises usually cause irritation and fatigue, making the radio, music, and conversations unclear and distorted. HLiner insulation foam improves sound quality by a long shot with the elimination of road noise, engine noise, and rattling from panels or car parts. The best part is how easy the insulation is to install. Just measure the desired length, cut, and fix it under the hood, wall, or ceiling. The flexible foam and foil outer layer can fit any shape, curve, or surface with ease, and can be put up to 8 inches from heat sources like the engine, transmission, furnace, and exhaust to keep the heat out in the summer and keep it in, during the winter.

This Sound Insulation is a simple and convenient way to say goodbye to unwanted noise and heat. Better than any product out there and easy to fit on any surface without prep, this makes any drive more enjoyable. Secure your peace with this sound insulation solution and enjoy the drives to come.

Not convinced, have a look at our customer feedback, 154 5 star reviews cant be wrong.

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