How Does Car Soundproofing Actually Work?

There are so many sources of background noises all around us such as traffic on the roads, loud music, electrical tools and machines, neighbours, and on and on the list goes. The reality is we have become very good at ignoring a lot of these low-level noises in our day-to-day lives that we only notice them as they increase beyond what we are used to hearing. So, naturally, we look for solutions to these noises if they begin to become intolerable, affecting our everyday lives. To understand exactly how soundproofing actually works, we should first understand how these noises are created.

Sound is energy made by vibrations that travels in waves, and we call these vibrations sound waves. These sound waves move by vibrating off surrounding objects which carry the sound along, and they can move through liquids, gases, and solids as long as there are particles the waves can bounce off of. There are many mundane activities in our lives, such as driving your vehicle to and from work each day, that can be improved simply by reducing the amount of unwanted noise. This means reducing the amount of vibrational sound energy, but this can be done in a few ways.

Soundproofing can work by blocking noise through the addition of mass to a given structure to a point where the sound energy is either converted (into heat) or reflected away. Another way is to decouple (or separate) one structure from another to add space and stop the sound vibration from travelling through the second structure. A third way is by sound absorption through a material, which is able to reduce the amount of vibrations that travel on to structure.

Similar to waterproofing, soundproofing is only as good as its weakest point. Any small cracks or openings will allow sound waves to move through with ease, as sound moves through air a lot more efficiently than solids. When attempting to soundproof anything, including a car, the two most important things to consider are the type and quality of materials, and proper installation. By ensuring that there are no small holes, cracks, or seems for noise to sneak through, and using high quality mats, foams, or sprays, you will surely be satisfied with how much noise is reduced in your day-to-day commute.

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