Freightliner Sound Deadening with B-Quiet

Freightliner Sound Deadening with B-Quiet


Freightliner and Automotive Sound Deadening

The top selling semi-truck in North America is the Freightliner. While it may be popular, the engine is also notoriously loud. Your ears will be ringing even after you’ve shut off the Freightliner’s engine. A lack of automotive sound deadener may be one of the reasons for the excessive noise.  


B-Quiet Automotive Sound Deadening sells a reasonably priced automotive sound deadening product which can help lower the amount of road and engine noise you may be hearing in your Freightliner. At you will find a product called Ultimate Sound Deadener which can be applied to help dampen the noise and reduce vibrations.


Where to apply B.Quiet Automotive Sound Deadener

The best way to reduce noise and vibrations in a Freightliner is to remove the carpet pad, remove the panels from the walls and bunk area and install Ultimate Sound Deadener.


B-Quiet Ultimate can be applied to the floor, by removing the carpet pad and the seats. Ultimate sound deadener can also be applied to the walls, door panels and bunk area. You simply remove the interior walls and door panels and apply B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener to all metal surfaces. 


Cost of Sound Deadening / Proofing a Freightliner?

It only costs $100 to sound deaden / proof a Freightliner with the B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener. Buy your Ultimate sound deadener today at


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