Daimler Trucks North America and B-Quiet Sound Deadening

Daimler Trucks North America and B-Quiet Sound Deadening

Daimler Trucks North America and B-Quiet Sound Deadening - B-Quiet

Daimler Trucks are one of the leading heavy-duty truck manufacturers in North America. While Daimler Trucks are stocked with powerful engines and tires, less attention has been paid to reducing high level noise and vibrations. The good news is that a simple and inexpensive solution can be found at B-Quiet.com, where Daimler Truck owners can find a range of aftermarket automotive sound deadening solutions.

Ultimate Sound Deadening

Daimler Truck North America owners can visit B-Quiet.com to learn more about a range of automotive sound deadening products which can be used to dampen in cabin truck noise and vibrations. The team at B-Quiet recommends as an easy and inexpensive fix to apply Ultimate Sound Deadening in a few strategic places.

Strategic Places to Apply Ultimate Sound Deadening in a Daimler Truck

Cabin Floors

One of the biggest sources of noise in a Daimler Truck is the engine and tires, located in the front of the truck, so it is recommended by the team at B-Quiet to apply B-Quiet Ultimate Sound deadening to the cabin floor. Simply remove the seats and carpet and apply the peel and stick Ultimate Sound Deadening to the metal floor. 

Insulate Cab Doors

The B-Quiet team also recommends insulating the doors of your Daimler Truck for increased noise dampening. The door panels can be easily removed in order to apply B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadening.

Cabin and Roof

If you want to take it to the next level, you can apply Ultimate Sound Deadener to the cabin walls and roof of your Daimler Truck. Like the cab doors, remove interior panels and apply B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener to all inside metal surfaces.

Ultimate Sound Deadening is extremely easy to install.

Cost of Ultimate Sound Deadening

Daimler Trucks can be completely insulated with Ultimate Sound Deadener for only $150. Long hauls will be much more pleasant, and it will be worth the investment. Buy yours today at B-Quiet.com.