Chevrolet Corvette and B-Quiet Sound Deadening

Chevrolet Corvette and B-Quiet Sound Deadening

There are two kinds of buyers for the Chevy corvette, the one who wants to go fast and love performance and the one is the guy who likes cruising down the highway at and enjoys the driving experience. 

Performance Enthusiast

The first is one who wants performance first and foremost. This is the guy who buys the car and immediately starts trying to shed weight and add power. Good looks are a part of this, but the main objective of this buyer is performance  They love how it sounds and enjoy the roar as they take off from a stoplight, or upshift on the highway. 

Touring owner

This owner loves the car as it is, They love touring down the highway, they are not a track racer, but love the factory performance and are content overall with the car.

Automotive sound deadening and C7 Corvette

GM did a great job with the C7 compared to past generations of the c7, it has quite a bit of deadening in the floor and the squeeks and rattles of past versions are gone, but there is still a lof of room for improvement.   Overall comments from both Performance and Touring owners is that the car drones at highway speed, and the wind noise is prevalent from the doors.  Thankfully there is an easy fix.  B-Quiet Sound deadening and 4 hours of time.

What is The cause of the Vehicle noise

The sound that people hear is vibrations that travel thru the metal of the car, from the floor and structure and reverberate like a drum.  To stop this vibration, the easy solution is to add a sound deadener to the inner panels.

Automotive sound deadener is very effective at taking these vibrations and turning them into low level heat.  This then stops the resonance in the vehicle, lowers the sound of the noise and makes the vehicle much more enjoyable.

In The C7 the key areas are behind the door skins, under the carptet and on the rear wheel wells.

When using B-Quiet Sound deadeners such as Ultimate 60mm or Extreme 45mm, the effect is a reduction in road noise of up to 15 decibels.  A huge improvement. 

All it takes is a few small hand tools, some time and a roll of Either Extreme or Ultimate.

Whether you’re a track nut or a curiser, its time to civilize your ride and install some sound deadener today.

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