Car Soundproofing Materials

There are a few ways to enhance your ride, making your daily commute more enjoyable. One of the ways you can do this is through improving the soundproofing qualities of your vehicle. Soundproofing your car can help diminish exterior sounds from other cars and traffic, as well as the sounds coming from your own vehicle’s tires and engine. But, it’s not always as simple as throwing some carpets and mats in your cabin area and trunk to lessen these noises. In fact, there are many different options of soundproofing materials and methods you can use in your vehicle to soundproof your vehicle.

Probably the most common way to reduce noise in your car is by the addition of sound deadening sheets. These types of sheets or mats are often very inexpensive and easy to install, making them a popular option for many. They can be installed underneath the floor mats under the front a rear seats, as well as underneath the padded layer of the roof of your vehicle. By simply adding an extra layer of sound deadening material in the cabin area of your vehicle you will immediately notice a difference in noise reduction. 

Another popular option is the use of soundproofing spray or foam. A soundproofing spray is another great fix due to how simple it is to purchase and apply to your vehicle as it often comes in the form of an aerosol tube. To install the spray, you will simply need a spray gun and compressor. The spray can be applied to any interior surfaces responsible for causing noise through vibrations while driving. Similar to a spray, soundproofing foam can be applied to the doors of the vehicle. Although this requires a bit more work having to take off the door panels to spray the foam inside and throughout, it is an ideal solution because the foam can be dispersed and expanded within the door to create a better sound barrier.

If none of the above options are available to you, one other alternative method can be used in the form of soundproofing foils. Foils made of thick fibers or micro-fibers that absorb sound can be installed under the vehicle’s carpets. Although this technique does not offer as high performance as the other materials, it does offer an extra level of comfort in terms of blocking out noise.

Looking for more soundproofing materials to soundproof your car? Take a look at our store to see what we have available. Need some help with the car soundproofing process? Contact us!

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