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B-Quiet vs Dynamat

B-Quiet vs Dynamat

We are often asked what is the difference between B-Quiet Sound Deadening products and Dynamat sound deadening products, and in this article we hope to answer what are the differences in the two.

How the Sound Deadeners are made.

Both B-Quiet and Dynamat feature butyl based products.  B-Quit Extreme is made with a Butyl rubber asphalt mix  with a foil alloy outer skin and a sticky backing that will adhere to almost anything.  B-Quiet Ultimate is a 100% butyl rubber also with a foil outer alloy and sticky backing that creates a material that works extremely well at stopping noise and vibrations in your automobile.   Dynamat is offers the exact same mix and has a foil outer layer followed by sticky backing. 

Sound Deadening Rolls or Mats

B-Quiet Sound Deadeners and Dynamat Sound Deadeners are produced in similar methods, however they are sold in different formats.  B-Quiet automotive sound deadeners are sold by the roll.  Either 12 square feet, or 50 square feet.  Both of these sizes come in rolls and the consumer cuts them to size.  The result is less seams to deal with.

Dynamat sound deadening is sold in sheets.  These sheets are then cut to size, but often need to be combined to fit the size of door or floor that you are covering, resulting in more seams and a less custom fit.

Sound deadening price

B-Quiet Sound Deadening is affordably priced as we are the manufacturer.  As such, our rolls cost $1.99 per square foot for B-Quiet Extreme and $2.98 per square foot for B-Quiet Ultimate vs $4.41 per square foot for Dynamat Xtrem Bulk Pak.  With almost double the cost, it begs the question why would you pay more for the same thing?