B-Quiet Sound Deadening and Starting your spring project

B-Quiet Sound Deadening and Starting your spring project       


As our temperatures start to increase, we are all starting to think of the projects we have waited to do all winter.   Many of our customers have said they are waiting until it warms up to start their projects.    As with many things, Automotive sound deadening is best done when the weather warms to temperatures above 55f. 

Sound Deadening application

B-Quiet sound deadening and sound deadening insulation are best applied at warmer temperatures above 55f.   This has not only to do with the adhesive backing of the deadener, but also to do with the fact that Sound Deadening material is much more malleable at warmer temperatures.  Automotive Sound deadener will fit into the cracks and crannies of your project much better if its warmer and once applied will stay there.


What if I cant wait until its warm to start my sound deadening project.

There is great news if you live in the great white north’ (Canada) or the northern US.  You can still do your automotive project, it will simply take longer.  What’s the trick, a hair dryer or heat gun.  While I do not recommend borrowing your wife’s hair dryer, I can confirm that heating up the sound deadening material will help a great deal to make it malleable and get it into the awkward folds and bends of the car. 


Moral of the story

Rejoice, Winter is over and now is the best time ever to start your automotive sound deadening project.   Order your supplies to day from B-Quiet.com and get your vehicle going down the road quietly. www.b-quiet.com

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