Sound Deadening Suggestions!

We get asked a lot of what we suggest to install in a vehicle for the optimal solution for sound deadening your vehicle.  Being that we do not have pre-fit packages for doors, trunks or any part of the vehicle (so we can keep costs down to you the end user) this is our typical response.  

We would suggest B-Quiet Extreme or Ultimate throughout the vehicle to control structural borne noises, such as rattles, resonances, vibrations and also to slow the propagation of road (and engine/exhaust) noise into the cabin.

For even better reduction of road (and engine/exhaust) noise, I would suggest a layer of Vcomp over top of the Extreme/Ultimate on the floor and lower interior firewall to absorb and block airborne noises.

I would recommend 100 sq. ft. Extreme/Ultimate and optionally 30 to 40 sq. ft. of Vcomp for your vehicle.

Thank you for your interest in B-Quiet. If you have any further questions, please let us know.


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