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Lcomp returns!

B-Quiet Lcomp
Back by popular demand! Lcomp's foam/lead composite offers superior noise reduction

Install Instructions

Brown Bread Sounds Dead

  1. Remove all dust and grease with a cloth of white spirit or thinners.
  2. Cut Brown Bread into small pieces that will fit into the offending panel to be deadened.
  3. Brown Bread is more pliable if heated with a hairdryer or heat gun. BEWARE! Brown Bread gets hot!
  4. Apply an initial layer of Brown Bread to the offending panel.
  5. For best results apply a second layer, by applying the second layer of Brown Bread, you obtain up to three times the deadening effect of that of just one layer.
  6. Brown Bread can also be used to deaden Bass Boxes. For best results apply to speaker baffle box.

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